Polybag Sealers - Portable Impulse Sealers


  • The portable, lightweight sealing unit weighs only two pounds.  It goes anywhere to seal small bags or large equipment covers.  It provides a perfect air-tight and damp-proof seal every time.
  • A long 8-foot kind-proof cable connects the lightweight sealing unit to an impulse generator.  The impulse generator weighs only ten pounds.
  • Handy 10" sealing jaws provide ample capacity for many different sealing application.
  • Both Teflon® covered jaws provide heat for a fast, positive seal on all types of heat sealable material.
  • No preheating is required.
  • The time-temperature cycle is precisely controlled by a solid state electronic timer adjustable from a fraction of a second to five seconds.
  • The transistorized, sold-state generator operates in any position, provides extended versatility for bag sealing.
  • Seals up to two 10 mil film thicknesses.


  • Maximum film thickness two 10 mil thicknesses
  • Seal 10"
  • Electrical supply 110V, 60 Hz.
  • Impulse generator 4"W x 7"H x 8"D

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