Polybag Sealers - Trimseal Machines


For hosiery, undergarments, knit goods, greeting cards, sporting gear and snack foods, motorized foot-pedal sealers for polyethylene and polypropylene bags.  Seals, trims comparable to side weld seam.


  • Adjustable power control for fast selection of best sealing element temperature for polyethylene or polypropylene bags up to 2 mil thickness.
  • Long lasting sealing element makes bead seal comparable to side weld seam; trims off excess.
  • Handy connection for plant air or small compressor.
  • Efficient air jet blows away scrap after bag is sealed and trimmed.


Trimseal Machines, Foot-Pedal Operated

Model Capacity Power
W-51-12 Up to 12" bags 110V, 160W
W-51-16 Up to 16" bags 110V, 210W
W-51-24 Up to 24" bags 110V, 320W

Trimseal Machines, Motorized

Model Capacity Power
W-51-12MA Up to 12" bags 110V, 160W
W-51-16MA Up to 16" bags 110V, 210W
W-51-24MA Up to 24" bags 110V, 320W

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