SCCA Resin Ribbons

TR6075 General Purpose Resin

TR6075 is a general purpose resin that prints at high speeds, up to 12 IPS, while maintaining high barcode and image quality. TR6075's superior chemical and abrasion resistance makes it the perfect choice for general or demanding applications.

• Produces excellent barcodes and variable images at higher speeds

• Higher durability than most resins on the market with greater solvent resistance

• Compatible with a vast array of substrates

• UL recognized

• Superior ability to dissipate static

• Heat resistance up to 170°C

• Prints at lower temperatures than most resins

Recommended Applications

Shelf labels, warning labels, tamper-evident labeling, drum labels, jewelry tags, component labels, automotive labels, CD and DVD spine labels.

TR6070 Chemical Resistant Resin

TR6070 is one of the most durable chemical resistant resins available on the market. TR6070 prints at high speeds, up to 10 IPS, producing crisp images, and rotated and nonrotated barcodes. TR6070's extreme resistance to harsh chemicals makes it the ideal ribbon for demanding environments.

TR4070 Specialty Resin

The fastest growing resin product on the market, TR4070 is a premium ribbon that carries widespread agency approvals. It can also withstand an unprecedented 14 years of UV exposure (confirmed by accelerated UV tests).

  • Available in SmartPaks
  • UL/CSA recognized
  • AGA/CGA recognized
  • Eliminates the need for over-laminates in many cases
  • Meets FDA requirements for indirect food contact applications
  • Features Sony's SmoothCoat™ back coating
  • Heat resistance up to 400ºF

Recommended Applications:

Steel tags, water heater labels, ID cards, automotive labels, labels, component labels, electronic labeling.

TRX-1 Extreme Resin

Sony’s patent pending specialty resin ribbon uses UV-light curable technology to take thermal printing ink performance to the next level. TRX-1 is formulated to perform in a number of demanding environments. Unprecedented performance such as Xtreme chemical resistance, Xtreme abrasion resistance and Xtreme temperature resistance should be expected from images printed from this ribbon.

  • Cross-linked resin ink formulation provides unmatched solvent and chemical resistance
  • Eliminates the need for overlaminates in many cases
  • Sony's SmoothCoat™ backcoat provides even heat distribution for excellent imaging
  • Special release primer transfers durable images to popular harsh environment label stocks
  • Heat resistance up to 700ºF

Recommended Applications:

High heat resistant labels, electronic labels, automotive labels, chemical drum labels, pharmaceutical labels

TRX-76 Specialty Resin

TRX-76 is a specialty resin product designed for applications using paper and synthetic paper substrates.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent smudge and scratch resistance
  • Higher print speeds and higher resolutions (up to 12 IPS)

Recommended Applications:

Consumer goods mfg., healthcare, inventory management, CD/DVD spine labels, heat shrink tunnels.

TR3370 Specialty White Resin

Sony's opaque resin, TR3370, offers superior smudge and scratch resistance as well as durability. It was specifically formulated for PVC shrink-wrapping and is highly resistant to Ethanol and Isopropanol.

  • Prints on non-white synthetic labels
  • Features SmoothCoat™ back coating
  • Resistant to Ethanol and Isopropanol
  • Suitable for shrink-wrapping applications

Recommended Applications:

Component labels, electronic labels, direct packaging, retail tags, decal signs and banners.
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