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Sony Chemicals Corporation of America is the world leader in thermal transfer ribbon technology. Our coating, slitting and lab facilities in Mt. Pleasant, PA are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. Of course, we are backed by the worldwide resources of Sony Chemicals.

SCCA ribbons use the same coating technology as Sony high-performance recording tapes. They deliver highly readable, razor-sharp bar codes and other variable information. Our exclusive SmoothCoat™ backcoat helps reduce friction to prolong print head life, eliminate build up and reduce the effects of heat on PET film carriers.

When you ask for Sony thermal transfer ribbons by name, you eliminate your risk of ribbon failure. The SCCA signature is your guarantee of high-quality ribbon performance. Our complete line makes it easy to choose a ribbon that can handle just about any barcode or variable information challenge you throw at it.

  • Well-suited for automotive, healthcare, electronics, chemical and other applications Offers enhanced durability and readability
  • Long-term protection against chemicals, solvents and UV rays
Signature Series™ Wax
Direct Premium Wax
Signature Series™ Wax/Resin
Signature Series™ Resin
Direct Premium Wax NE
Sony Chemicals Corporation of America's General Purpose Wax ribbons are a popular choice for broad performance characteristics at an affordable price. They deliver the image quality and durability required for most applications in an excellent total cost solution.
  • Recommended for coated/uncoated paper tags and labels
  • Ideal for low-end synthetics
TR4085plus Resin Enhanced Wax
TR3021 General Purpose Red Wax
TR3022 General Purpose Blue Wax
TR3023 General Purpose Green Wax

Premium wax/resin ribbon products produce superior results across a wide range of applications at a lower cost than all-resin ribbons. These include a darker image, ability to print at higher speeds and less printhead static.

  • Suitable for a wide range of media from paper to low-end synthetics
TR5050 Premium Wax/Resin
TR4065 Premium Wax/Resin
TRX-55 Premium Wax/Resin

SCCA resin ribbons provide enhanced image quality and durability for applications that require special performance characteristics such as extra resistance to environmental conditions, smudging or scratching.

  • Grades are available that resist solvents, chemicals and exposure to damaging UV rays
TR6075 General Purpose Resin
TR6070 Chemical Resistant Resin
TR4070 Specialty Resin
TRX-1 Extreme Resin
TRX-76 Specialty Resin
TR3370 Specialty White Resin
Sony Chemicals Corporation of America has the products and expertise to support your near edge or corner thermal transfer printers. Our superior performing wax, resin or wax/resin ribbons are engineered to support the process’s low pressure and quick release technology.
  • Clear images
  • Quick peel
TR4500 Near Edge Premium Wax/Resin
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