Machine Grade
Hand Grade Polypropylene
Machine Grade Polyester
Hand Grade Polyester
Cord Strapping
Steel Strapping
For light, medium and some heavy duty use. For a variety of applications - bundling, palletizing and unitizing. Guaranteed to work in all manufacturers' equipment. Economical - reliable - smooth running.
Absorbs shock better than other materials.
For boxing food products, produce, fish, chicken, meat, etc.
The standard for bundling corrugated boxes, newspapers, magazines and cut paper.
Stocked in a variety of sizes for all light duty applications.For the lowest cost in hand strapping applications. Easy to secure with plastic or steel buckles or steel seals. The better alternative to twine, stretch wrap and tape.
The better solution for medium and heavy duty applications - lumber, brick, corrugated, graphic arts and the can and bottle industries. Less expensive than steel on a cost per foot basis. Weather resistant - won't rust or stain your product. Superior impact resistance. Retains tension with elastic memory. In longer labor saving coils. Safer and 80% lighter than steel strapping. Requires less floor space for storage. Superior pliability. Minimal elongation. Compatible in all major packaging equipment. Available in machine and hand grades. Recyclable.
For all applications - light, medium and heavy duty. Broadest selection - sizes, colors, and footages. Best service - largest inventory. Competitive prices. Highest quality.
Available in bonded and woven. The original non-metallic strapping. Portable and versatile. Works like a flat rope with superior knot strength. Soft finish won't damage or mar surfaces. Can be used without tools or dispensers. For heavier applications use metal buckles and tensioners. Also available printed and in colors.
For medium to heavy duty applications.Made in U.S.A. Machine grade Painted and waxed High demand sizes of steel strap - 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1-1/4" and 2". AAR approved on certain products. Packaged in white wax impregnated corrugated shrouds. Shroud can be lifted to pack appropriate seals with strap for shipping.
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