Warehouse Card and Label Holders by Shelf Tag Supply

Pouches and pockets for holding bar code labels and product location cards

Rack & Shelf Holders

Label Holders

Card Holders

Ticket Holders

adhesive backed card holder on rack

clear card holder on tote

magnetic strip card holder

card holder hanging from shelf

Full adhesive or magnetic

Identify totes & bins

Magnetic or adhesive strips

Clear, hanging pouch

Plastic C-Channels

Magnetic C-Channels

Card Holder Covers

Flexible Card Holders

c-channel adhesive card holder

magnetic rubber c-channel card holder

card holder cover in channel

flexible card holder bends when bumped

Adhesive or magnetic back

Magnetic rubber

Protect cards in c-channels

Bends when bumped

Sealtite Holders

Man-Down Holders

Tubular Holders

Clear Grip Holders

resealable holder protecting card

all rack levels card holder

slide in tube card holder

snaps and holds cards securely

Resists splashes & smears

Bar codes for all rack levels

Clear, slide in card holders

Secure & hold cards

Wire Rack Holders

Grommet Holders

Pouch Tag Holders

wire rack card holder tag

grommet hanging card holder

pouch tag card holder

Clear, hanging pouch tags

Rugged, 8-guage vinyl

Clear pocket hanging tag

See Magnetic Holders

See Adhesive Holders

See Hanging Holders

See Label Mounts

eight magnetic card holders options

eight card holders with adesive backing

seven holder tags that hang

ten styles for mounting of bar code labels

8 card holder styles

8 card holder styles

7 card holder styles

10 labeling options

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