Warehouse Signs End-of-Rack Signs

WareWarehouse signs spanning rack flue space to mark back-to-back racks


Increase visibility of rack and
aisle locations

Sign flexes across 11" to 13" flue
space between racks

Two 12"x12" faces angled with
durable .04" thick plastic in
white or yellow

Affixes to rack with strong foam
adhesive tape on two 2" feet

end-of-rack spanning flue

Sign Applications

· Identifying end-of-rack locations - see picture at top right
· Marking work areas on walls and doors
· Identifying docks and bays
· Displaying the location of safety information
· Providing warning and caution messages

Sign Options

· Custom sizes up to 18"x18" faces
· Replace adhesive strips on each foot with pre-drilled holes or magnetic strips for attaching
· Custom lettering and graphics - see Sign Letters, Numbers and Graphics
· For additional projecting style signs, seeProjecting Wall Signs

60 Degree Angle V Shape
Blank White Sign *
Blank Yellow Sign *

H" x L"

Rack Flue

Part #

Part #

12 x 12

11" to 13"



Signs shipped in two pieces ready to be adjoined and mounted

* Sign letters, numbers and graphics are priced separately

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