Print and Apply

Apply Only Labeling Heads
LSI engineers and manufactures the Series 300, Series 3000, and Series 40 labeling heads. Drive packages such as stepper motor or servo motor are available for these apply only label applicators.

Labeling Head Specials
LSI can supply a labeler to match specific customer specifications or requirements such a Loose Loop printer applicators.

Product Sensing - Review the common methods available for sensing the product

Head Mountings - Portable head mounts such as T-Base stands are standard options along with custom head mounts to match a specific customer need

Print & Apply Labeling Heads
The Series 20 and Series 2000 Print & Apply labeling heads include OEM print engines from Sato, Zebra, Datamax, and Novex. The printer applicator can be supplied with any of the standard label application methods.

Applicators - LSI offers 27 different label application methods such a corner wrap, roll-on, blow-on, or air cylinder tamp. LSI can custom design an applicator to meet any application need

Product Handling - LSI offers a complete line of integrated turnkey product handling systems for any brand of labeler along with conveyors, top hold down devices and wrap stations



Applications - LSI, Inc.

Side Panel - LSI can provide stand alone or turnkey systems complete with conveyors for labeling applications such as bottle labeling, carton labeling, and pallet labeling. LSI offers models that are apply only or print & apply for variable information or bar code printing.

Top Panel - labeling of caps or boxes. Other typical labeling applications in top labeling of DVD cases, lipsticks or cosmetic product labeling, or clam shell container labeling.

Model 2188

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Corner Wrap - LSI Labelers offers several simple and effective label applicators for corner wrap carton labeling, pallet label applicators or other types of packages.

Wrap Around - Fully engineered turnkey labelers or bench top labeling applications can be provided for plastic bottles, vials, cans, or any cylindrical container .

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Front & Back - A wide range of solutions are available for such applications including F-style bottles, shampoo bottle labeling or other HBA products. Other common applications in oil bottles and security seal labeling.

Leading/Trailing- LSI labelers off the ability to apply the label to the leading panel and side panel of the carton or pallet.

Bottom - stand-alone labelers or complete labeling systems can be provided for bottom labeling of bottles, or applying a nutritional information label to a tray or other food product.

Print & Apply - printing data and bar code labeling can be accomplished with LSI print & apply label applicators. Common applications include shipper carton labeling, pallet labeling, security seal labeling of CD cases or DVD cases.

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