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VCI Non-Ferrous Papers

Daubert Non-Ferrous VCI Papers

Daubert Cromwell has packaging papers to protect a variety of specialty metals commonly used in electronics, aerospace, and other precision parts manufacturing.



A 35lb./57gsm single ply neutral natural kraft, unprinted, saturated with Daubert Cromwell's proprietary corrosion inhibiting formulation. Provides contact corrosion protection to ferrous and many non-ferrous metals including aluminum, galvanized steel and lead alloys. Eliminates water spotting and corrosion when in contact with metal. Use as an interleaver. Nitrite-free.




A 35lb./57 gsm single ply neutral natural kraft saturated with a specially formulated Daubert Cromwell volatile corrosion inhibitor. Protects copper, brass, bronze, and other copper alloys from tarnish and corrosion. Use an interleaver for wrapping. Also available in 60 lb. sheet (CPTX60) and chips. Nitrite-free.


Silver Saver®

Daubert Cromwell Silver Saver is the worldwide standard in protecting silver from tarnish.

Silver Saver is a 40 lb. /57gsm bleached kraft, coated with a chemical formulation which protects silver, gold, and noble metals from tarnish by absorbing hydrogen sulfide and other elements in the environment.

Silver Saver protects silver and gold from tarnish.

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