About Us

Since 1988, MSI Packaging has thrived by taking better care of customers.

MSI-level customer service is multilayered, made up of a combination of qualities our customers look for and value. To earn our customers’ loyalty year after year, we strive to follow these 5 principles:

  • Innovation — Seeking to continuously improve our products, processes and systems.
  • Integrity — Meeting or exceeding our contractual obligations for product quality.
  • Accountability — Delivering all products on or before the agreed delivery date.
  • Professional Growth — Training our personnel so that they are able to better serve our customers.
  • Compliance — Meeting or exceeding any customer environmental policies.

The MSI Team

Taking care of customers at the highest level depends on collaboration among and respect for every member of the MSI team. At MSI, we are consistently learning new things. This makes us smarter as individuals, more innovative as a team, and more valuable to our customers.

Pat Fitzgerald

Owner & President

Nathan Mayhorn

Engineering & Operations Manager

Garret Dill

Production, Shipping & Warehouse Manager

William Elrod

Service Manager & Engineer

Megan Herring

Office Manager

Yalina Rivera

Production Floor Manager

Catie Cowen

Customer Service

Stephen Andrasik


Andrew Carroll


Jon Goodpasture


Chris Meiners


Peter Santiago


Randy Shirley

Shipping & Receiving

Laura Russell

Shipping & Receiving

Cindi Bannon

Accounts Receivable

Teri Fitzgerald

Owner & HR Manager

Company History

Chip Ingram launched MSI Packaging in 1988 from his home in Indianapolis. His initial goal was to take better care of customers as he expanded what he had learned from the automotive industry to other sectors. 

A year later, Pat Fitzgerald became the fourth employee of MSI Packaging. He grew up in the business — unloading trucks, making sales calls and managing customer accounts. 

For two decades, MSI continued to operate from Indianapolis, where it grew to include 37 employees and a 57,000-square-foot warehouse. Pat became president of MSI in 2003, armed with firsthand experience of what his team and his customers need to be successful. 

In 2008, MSI relocated to Lebanon, Indiana, to allow for future growth in a new 80,000-square-foot facility.

While MSI has continued to grow and innovate over the years, the team still reaches for our founder’s goal every day: to take better care of every customer.

We use MSI Packaging because of their great customer service, quick response times, pricing and product availability. With in-stock items and local pickup available, they make my job just a little easier.

Industrial Manufacturing Buyer and MSI customer

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