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What are you using now? With the MSI team on your side, incremental improvements in your packaging materials can lead to higher returns.

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A lot can happen getting your products from Point A to Point B. The MSI team helps ensure your goods are delivered securely, economically and on time. Let us help you find the right combination of high-quality packing supplies for all of your important shipments. 

Who are MSI’s industrial packaging customers? 

We work with businesses of any size in a wide range of industries, including automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, food service and electronics. 

What do MSI customers care about?

We work hard to understand how your facility operates and what you need to accomplish to be successful. For most of our customers, this comes down to paying the best price, meeting high quality standards and hitting deadlines. 

What can an MSI customer expect? 

To help fulfill customers’ demands, they can expect the following from MSI: 

  • Straightforward quotes and shipping estimates
  • Product samples to prevent rework and returns
  • Easy access to our MSI customer service team
  • Vendor-managed inventory services

With MSI, it’s easy to place an order and get in touch with a friendly staff member if we need help. Plus, deliveries are quick and always on time.

Brian Hannigan
Purchasing Agent
Martin Yale Industries

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MSI Product Types

  • Adhesives
    • Glue Sticks
    • Chips 
    • Pellets
    • Spray glues
  • Bags
    • Polyethylene all sizes and gauges – Gusseted, Wicketed, Printed, Vented, Drawstring, Food
    • Reclosable Ziploc (all sizes)
    • Variety of Custom Bags
  • Chipboard
    • Printed
    • Partitions
    • Custom Die Cuts
    • Layer Pads
  • Corrugated Board
    • Stock and Custom Boxes
    • Single Face – Rolls
    • Corner Protectors
    • Printed 
    • Partition and Die Cut
    • Hexacomb Solutions
  • Cushioning
    • Air Fill-Void Fill Pillows
    • Newsprint/Kraft Paper
    • Bubble Wrap
    • Foam Wrap
    • Cellulose Matting
    • Loose Fill
  • Envelopes
    • Packing List (all types)
    • Mailers – Stay Flats, Kraft, Polymailer, Bubble Polymailer, Padded
    • Chipboard Mailers
  • Kraft Papers
    • Rolls and Sheets
  • Labels
    • Custom-Printed Pressure Sensitive
    • Bar Code Supplies (Printers, Ribbon, Service)
    • Shipping Labels Pictograph
    • Direct Thermal
    • Thermal transfer (plain and color)
    • Custom Adhesive Solutions
  • Mailing Tubes -Core Solutions & Plugs
  • Pallet & Hand Stretch Film
    • Clear, Tinted, Opaque Hand Films and Machine
    • Narrow Width, Custom Put Ups
  • Partitions
    • Chipboard
    • Corrugated Paper
    • Plastic Corrugated
  • Polyethylene Films 
    • Visqueen
    • Color
    • Pallet Tops
    • Gaylord Liners
    • Trash Liners 
    • And more
  • Shrink Packaging Film
    • (all films, widths, gauges) 
    • PVC
    • Polyethylene 
    • Polyolefin
  • Staples
    • Industrial Packaging Grade
    • Tools and Equipment
  • Strapping Solutions
    • Steel
    • PP and PE
    • Cord
    • Closures
    • Corner Board
    • Equipment and Systems
  • Tape
    • (gummed, reinforced paper; custom printed and plain)
    • Pressure Sensitive Box Sealing
    • Filament
    • Masking
    • Electrical
    • Double Coated & Duct
    • Flock tape
    • Foam tapes
    • Gasket tapes
    • Dispensers For All Types of Tape
  • Ties
    • Paper and Plastic
    • Wire Loops and Bale Ties
    • Cable
    • Truck Seals
  • VCI (rust inhibitors)
    • Poly Bags
    • VCI Chips
    • VCI Films
    • VCI Papers

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